Virtual Clock Time Machine

Time Machine® provides software virtual clocks that enable you to time travel your applications into the future or the past, facilitating time shift testing on your date and time sensitive application logic, such as month end, quarter end, year end processing, billing cycle, work flow, regulatory go live, and policy life cycle.

Time Machine is transparent to applications and databases so no code modification is required to do time shift testing and the system clock is never modified.

Windows, Linux, Unix, Mainframe zLinux, Dockerized, Virtualized or On-Iron.  Time Machine runs everywhere you need it.

Time Machine saves ten-fold or more on resources and costs associated with time shift testing. It enables you to finish your large scale software projects on time and under budget.

Time Machine eliminates the need to reset the system clock, which is time consuming, error prone and not possible under Active Directory or in a Kerberos secured environment.

The Time Machine Suite of Products includes the Time Machine Sync Server, the Time Machine Enterprise Management Console, the Time Machine Framework for JBoss, the Time Machine Framework for Oracle and the Time Machine Framework for WebLogic.

  • Save hardware and software costs
  • Boost engineering team productivity
  • Ensure large scale software projects finish on time and under budget
  • Mitigate risks for mission-critical application failures
  • A sole solution for Active Directory or Kerberos date based testing

CHD Meridian Healthcare

“We were totally blown away when we found this [Time Machine].  We installed it, and we haven’t looked back.!”

– Kyle Duke, Senior Systems Analyst


Test Scenarios

VCTM has been a fundamental tool used by many SAP testing customers for more than a decade…

SAP Testing

VCTM numerous customers have found that using Time Machine to test and validate all date & time logic…

Migration Testing

In today’s interconnected world, no matter how insignificant a change may seem, it can have far reaching effects…

Regression Testing

Microsoft’s Active Directory functions as the central security control in Microsoft networks as well as many…

Active Directory

The Time Machine Management Console enhances the management of Time Machine by giving users the ability to securely manage time shift testing on systems running Time Machine via a simple interface and now comes bundled with Time Machine.

In addition to the enhanced ease of use for the local implementation of Time Machine, the Management Console enables management and configuration of all the other tools in the Time Machine Suite of Products including the Time Machine Sync Server and all of the Time Machine Framework products.

The Time Machine Management Console is now localized, with support for French, German, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

Solution Soft are the Developers and Publishers of the Time Machine Software

47 of the Fortune 100 Companies use Time Machine some of Solution Softs Clients include: