The Importance Of Forward Date Testing For Your Application

Various applications stored the year 2000 only as “00” to save storage space. What the developers failed to anticipate was that the two-digit number was treated as 1900. As expected it led to numerous problems including system malfunctions.

Unless your application is not time and date sensitive, it is critical for you to prevent such blunders from happening. Look into what kind of software you have and find out any potential problems that you might encounter in the future. So, how can you do that? One great tool that can help is a software capable of forward date testing.

What Should You Do?

Virtual Clock Time Machine is a time travel software application that will allow you to manipulate time to determine how your application will perform. It is also possible to conduct back date testing through the thousands of virtual clocks that it has to offer. It allows you to perform time shift test on the applications that you have, which are time and date sensitive, like a policy life cycle, billing cycle, work, flow, and many more.

It makes forward date testing easy and does not require a code modification. Apart from simplifying time shift testing, you should also take note that Virtual Clock Time Machine eliminates the need to modify your system clock. It is supported by various operating systems, virtualization, and more. It can run on Windows, Unix, Dockerized, and Linux.

This time travel testing solution will give you access to as many as 20,000 virtual clocks, which you can use for your forward date testing. You can use a few or even all of these clocks and set them not only on a future time or date but also set it in the past or even frozen. You can also adjust its speed. It can be normal like the typical system clock. They can also run faster or slower, depending on your preference. They eliminate the need to tinker with the system clock, which is not possible in certain conditions and could cause errors and delays. With every virtual clock that you use, you practically get to save days and even months-worth of testing. Even if you are only actually working on just one system, having multiple virtual clocks means you can run different tests simultaneously.

It also comes with a functionality wherein programs could be excluded so that their licenses would not be affected when you run the forward date testing. It can be used in different verticals like banking, health, telecom, and insurance, to name a few. It will help you cut costs by getting rid of the necessity to purchase duplicate systems for testing purposes. It eliminates downtime and boosts productivity. You will not be limited to running only one clock at a time. You can run several ones concurrently, which means the entire process is expedited. Meanwhile, users who are not included in the forward date time testing could continue with their normal production and development.

The Virtual Clock

Disadvantages of Not Using It

Let us say, for instance, you decide to let this opportunity pass and not use the date and time shift simulation software. There are certain problems that you might face in the long run. Your application could malfunction if its performance was not tested and checked in a variety of scenarios like during year end, daylight savings, and leap year.

Infographic about forward date testing. Image with information about forward date testing and its important features.

In case you try to use the system clock, you might end up having corrupted data if you set the time in the past or future. In addition, you would be spending several days reloading your operating system because system reloading takes time, which include restoring all of your system’s database and applications. It could also make it inconvenient for other people from different departments like the database administrator because testers do not have unlimited access to the system. Testers need their help every time they perform the back date software test.

Keep in mind those applications with time sensitive functionality need to undergo date and time simulation testing. If not, then you are setting yourself up for eventual failures. Are you willing to face problems related to payment dues, start and end of certain periods, interest dues, reminder notices, and policy anniversaries? Can you afford to encounter errors that involve account deactivation, investment maturity, policy lapses, and lost payments? If not, then make sure that you give this a go.

So to recap, Virtual Clock Time Machine can help your business in so many ways. It provides you the maximum assurance that your application will be fully functional at all times. It allows you to identify and fix potential errors that will not only affect your clients but your business and reputation as well. Forward testing gives you the opportunity to maintain user uptime while making sure that it is compliant to the requirements needed for the application to be certified.