The Role of Time Travel Testing In Various Industries

Companies in different verticals use processes that are triggered by time sensitive events. Whether you need to test settlement dates or maybe check on payment schedules, you need to conduct time travel testing. You must consider this process as an essential part of testing your application.

This kind of testing is particularly critical for software developers. They need to make sure that the applications they create operate the way they want it to and as per the request of the business who wanted its development in the first place. In order for them to do that, they can use a time travel software so they can perform date and time testing. The timeshift software addresses some major problems like how to allow their test engineers to update the testing date on their applications and test environments. It allows them to set the virtual clock at any date, whether in the past or future, to make sure that they cover all possible critical scenarios.

Gone are the days when test engineers have to wait for a time trigger like a month end cycle to come about before they could conduct a critical time testing. During these scenarios, test engineer’s testing capabilities are restricted and this could lead to potential delays in the release of the application and much worse, the launch of software with countless potential flaws. All of these are unacceptable especially in today’s cutthroat business environment.

Infographic that tells about time travel testing. Image that explain what is time travel testing and various advantage using it.

Thanks to the advent of time shifting software, it is now possible to conduct a thorough software test that involves running the application being developed in a broad range of past, present, and future dates to check for any potential inconsistencies in terms of its function and performance. Make sure that you instruct your testers to examine your application under past, current, and future date and time environments so you can discover all flaws in the software, if there are any.

What you need is Virtual Time Clock Machine. It is a software testing time travel that can help expedite your application testing and release to the market. It allows you to test and simulate a certain date and time of day without the need to alter or reset your system time clock software, which could consume a lot of time and create a lot of errors. You can give your testers access to the time shifting software. While they do that, all your other employees could go about their usual tasks.

Apart from being able to move the date back in the past and forward to the future, you can also control the speed of the virtual clock. You have an option to accelerate or decelerate the pace of the testing. When this has been set, a virtual time and date will be provided whenever your testers or application asks the system for a date or time.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The timer software offers as many as 20,000 virtual clocks, which could be programmed simultaneously depending on your needs. It supports a wide array of applications.
  • It allows server time travelling, which means you can move the virtual clock backward or forward depending on your scenario.
  • You can adjust the speed of the virtual clock. It can be 1000 times faster or slower than the real time.
  • You can perform multiple tests simultaneously and that means you will have several test environment.
  • You will get to cut hardware and software costs.
  • It can help the productivity of your testing team.
  • It can help minimize the risks of application failures.
  • It gives you maximum assurance that large scale software projects are finished on time and below the budget.

Challenges Encountered By Certain Verticals

In these modern times, the financial and banking sector use different kinds of applications to run their business operations. Because of this, they need to constantly deploy, upgrade, or modify all of their software to make sure they operate properly especially during date-triggered instances. A few of the key financial operations that they should test include their debt management systems, customer statement generation, and other essential control operations. Future date testing is a must not only to ensure functionality but also to avoid dire financial and legal consequences.

Government agencies these days also use applications for their day-to-day operations. Human services, education, and taxation, to name a few, are only a few of the public sectors that use different kinds of software to help them perform their services. Test engineers who work in these segments understand the critical nature of these key processes. They also know the amount of time and effort that they need to put in to make sure that they properly schedule their test scenarios.

The core systems of companies in the utility sector need to undergo time travel testing to make sure that their date and time sensitive applications work properly. These may involve dealing with billing cycles, traffic changes, and other key scenarios.