Understanding Date and Time Testing

Image about time and date testing showing how time and date testing being done.The role that applications and software take on in the business setting these days is growing. With more and more companies moving or expanding their operations online through efficient cloud-based platforms, it is essential for them to have the capability to control all the functions of their applications. These firms regardless of their size and line of work cannot afford any technical mistakes and complications. Even the simplest error could lead to huge problems, delay in work and schedules, and even financial issues.

Fortunately, there is one way to avoid potential flaws and glitches on various kinds of applications and that is through the use of time shift testing and virtual clock software. It offers businesses the opportunity to time-travel their applications back to the past or move forward to the future to perform different crucial tests.

Time Travel Apps

Companies that are at the critical stage of developing an application have the privilege to perform time travel testing on their application and test it in situations with varying date and time. You can ensure the proper performance of certain tasks that are date and time sensitive like policy life cycles and year-end financial processing. All you need to do is install the software and you’ll be able to time travel your applications in just a few seconds. Businesses can use these virtual clocks to run date and time testing on a wide range of applications using up to 20,000 programmable clocks.

You might be wondering how date and time testing works. Basically, the date and time shift testing software works by intercepting date and time calls for a certain application. In return, the software offers a certain time and date, which allows the application you are testing to do the things it is expected to do during the set point. This type of test would also allow you to adjust the speed of the clock and set it at faster or slower, normal, or frozen rates.

Infographics about date and time testing. Image showing the benefits of virtual date and time testing and the common issue detected.

Bear in mind that being able to test time-based programs does not affect your main system clock. It means that whatever you do using that software, it will not have a negative impact on your operations. Other teams from your company could also conduct tests and research by using multiple virtual clocks, thus, maximizing their productivity and work efficiency.

Simple Yet Effective Solution

Image showing time travel testing on what are the advantages of the testing and icon showing the benefits.Using a software testing time travel can help you make sure that your application is finished in a timely manner and in accordance to industry benchmarks. As a business owner, doing everything possible to avoid delays and potentially costly mistakes is one of the top priorities. Gone are the days when you have to wait up to weeks to ensure that the application is working as it should. You can simply manipulate the date and time to check and gauge its performance.

Thousands of clients including a number of the Fortune 100 businesses are using this software with multiple time references because of the many benefits that it has to offer. They continue to get the best investment return by making sure that their applications are at their finest upon release. So, what are the other benefits of having a software that can perform date and time testing?

Solving problems ahead of time – the time shift testing software allows you to manipulate time to any date that you need so you can delve into an application’s ability to cope with the changes you have set and find potential errors in its performance before it hits the market.

Cut Costs – others may say that you can adjust the system clock on your server for future date testing instead of using software virtual clocks. However, this option could be time consuming and inconvenient because it would call for administrators to work together to get this task done instead of investing their time on other important duties. You can expect your expenses to increase especially if you need to do this regularly. However, this will not be an issue if you use a virtual clock software.

Avoid Delays – if you are developing an application that focuses on simplifying administrative tasks like billing and year-end processing, you need to make sure that its performance is accurate to avoid costly mistakes, legal issues, and even damage to your reputation. By time traveling your application, you can rest easy knowing that key processes continue to be effective.

Common Issues Uncovered

Regardless if your company is engaged in a business-to-consumer or business-to-business enterprise, time and date can make or break your business. There will always be that time sensitivity factor in our applications and that is why testing them to make sure they work in varying circumstances is crucial. Three common issues are commonly detected when you use a time travel software.

Time Changes – you need to understand the performance of your application when used in different locations in different countries. It should work seamlessly even after making adjustments to daylight savings time.

Heavy/Light Load Periods – your application will be accessed by your clients at any time of the day and any day of the week for varying duration’s. You need to find out if your software could handle both heavy and light load periods by simulating a specific date or time.

Timestamping – in some industries like healthcare and financial services, the accuracy of the time stamp is vital. Apart from making sure that the application is working at the right time, you also need to make certain that the correct timestamp is posted through a time/date testing utility.

Keep in mind that time shift testing can be a valuable tool for your business if you know how to take advantage of it. Its main function is to test your application to make sure that it functions seamlessly at all times of day, all days of the week, months, and year. Through this date and time testing software, you will not only improve the viability of your company but also make sure that your clients in multiple time zones are satisfied with your application.